16 – 24 Positive Life Styles

Funded opportunities for young people to reach out and reach their full potential, we believe young people are our future, and with the correct guidance and support, anything can be achieved!

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…as long as you are realistic and have to motivation to succeed!

Through various partners we can mentor, support and guide you through a life changing journey that will enable you to sustain your own pathway for life:

  • Funded Opportunities
  • Funded Basic Food Hygiene Courses Level 2
  • Funded CSCS Cards Exam/ Card and NVQ Level 1 Health and Safety Environmental Qualification
  • Funded First Aid or Paediatric First Aid Courses
  • Funded Interview Clothes
  • Funded Travel Fare
  • And much more

If you enter into Employment or Training we maybe able to support you with a Bicycle promoting Sustainable Environmental Travel and Healthy Lifestyles

Contact us! Do not miss out  on your chance for support!