Jack Billany – Apprenticeship

After been placed on many mandatory work programmes through the job centre and gaining no relevant experience to his chosen work sector, floor laying, Jack started to feel down and helpless. Jack had gained some basic skills but none that would progress him in the right direction.

Jack had previously attended JC Ready 4 Work to use the computers and gain 1-1 support with job searching. JC Ready 4 Work explained how they provide Traineeships for 16-24 year olds and this would be the best opportunity for him to enhance his employment skills and would possibly then progress him onto an apprenticeship.

Jack started working with Tutor Roy Beer in the classroom for 3 weeks gaining Functional skills in Maths, English and customer service, Jack’s confidence began to grow by working within a small team and inputting he became motivated towards the working environment and enjoyed himself throughout the day.

After Jack finished his employability skills within the classroom he was then placed onto a placement for 5 weeks completing a full working week of 30 hours with Global Carpets LTD who trained Jack on basic skills needed  to carry out day to day tasks within floor laying. Jack’s confidence grew even further as he gained new skills on the job that was what he wanted to do in the future! Jack got on well with his manager and other employees and worked well with the public.

After just 3 weeks on placement his manager offered him an apprenticeship with Global Carpets LTD to start after his traineeship and the Christmas period, Jack proudly accepted and is now working as Global Carpets LTD new apprentice. Jack is now happy to have signed off job seekers allowance and be in employment that he has wanted to succeed in since leaving school.