Active Communities

Through various funding we are able to deliver projects that meet the demand of the local community.

We have contributed to Healthier Hull on a 16 week course meeting individuals’ dietary needs through food and strengthening and conditioning in conjunction with ASDA stores.



  • 70% of individuals lost inches
  • 95% of individuals have gained a healthier BMI
  • 30% of individuals are on reduced medication due to the healthier life style decreased blood pressure, increasing and prolonging life expectancy


Wellbeing courses

For individuals aged 50 plus, we have created a programme that addresses Ability / Skills and Social Inclusion:

  • Computers and iPad Basic courses, how to use and understand technology, how to safely communicate and browse the internet
  • Sewing and Craft, Therapeutic craft and sewing services enabling you to learn or enhance your own skills
  • Exercise and Fitness, Yoga stimulating owns mental health and relaxation techniques
  • Social Events, Bingo, Quiz, social forums and even days out arranged
  • Gardening and cooking sessions on gardening tips and advice, opportunities to brighten up your own living space, or you could even learn some new and interesting cooking skills with one of our own ala’carte qualified chefs
  • Safety First, Understanding safety, how to keep safe and self-defence classes

Courses can be delivered within Supported Accommodation or within the JC Ready 4 Work Centre on Hessle Road, Hull


Adventurous course

For individuals who are feeling a little more adventurous, why not try:

  • Rock climbing sessions for individuals of all ages, with one of our support workers
  • Strengthening and Conditioning a whole body work out with our team of personal trainers
  • Boxercise courses 121 or in groups fighting your way to a more active lifestyle