Emotional Wellbeing

JC Ready 4 Work team understands that life’s changes are not that simple to cope with and sometimes we can all feel different emotional pressure.

We incorporate coping techniques which will help you get well and stay well, ensuring that you can take these skills away with you to embed within your everyday activities.

You will gain:

  • An understanding of how to keep emotionally well.
  • Knowledge of how to get more active, improve your sleep, eat well and feel better about your appearance.
  • More skills to improve your confidence and your acceptance of yourself.
  • A recognition of helpful and unhelpful thoughts.
  • Identified what gives your life meaning.
  • A plan for a way to be kinder to yourself.
  • Learnt techniques to be more assertive and to improve your relationships.
  • A recognition of your own emotional early warning signs.
  • A plan for managing those inevitable difficult days.

We can all support each other within an inclusive and welcoming environment that is friendly and free from harm.

Please call us for more information.