Mappa Process

JC Ready 4 Work MAPPA Process

JC Ready 4 Work collaborative work between organisations and agencies to identify and manage people who present a risk of harm to children or vulnerable adults

The Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) which enable agencies to work together within a statutory framework for managing the risk of harm to the public; and

Other processes and mechanisms for working with people who present a risk of harm to children.

2. Collaborative Working

3. People who pose a Risk to Children

4. Offences targeted at those who sexually exploit Children and Young People

5. Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)


6. Identification of MAPPA Offenders

There are three categories of offenders eligible for MAPPA:

Category 1:Registered sexual offenders – Sexual offenders who are required to notify police of their name, address and other personal details and notify changes subsequently
Category 2:Violent Offenders – Offenders sentenced to imprisonment of 12 months or more, or detained under hospital orders (in relation to murder or offences specified in Schedule 15 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003). This category also includes a small number of sexual offenders who do not qualify for registration, and offenders disqualified from working with children; and
Category 3:Other dangerous offenders – Offenders who do not qualify under categories 1 and 2 but who currently pose a risk of serious harm, there is a link between the offending and the risk posed, and they require active multi-agency management.

7. MAPPA and JC Ready 4 Work

JC Ready 4 Work monitors each referral by a nominated member of staff and information is relayed to managers on a monthly basis to ensure all relevant assessments in place;

Supervision (one to one) of staff to review all new cases within 4 weeks of allocation;

Internal Risk Assessment and Management Meetings (IRAMM) to review high risk and very high risk cases and offer support between risk/manager and individual responsible staff (monthly) or where relevant emergency IRAMM;

Risk Management Register traffic light system to ensure monitoring of medium and high risk cases:- GREEN – case has acceptable management plan supported by core group – level of risk being managed, AMBER – case has risk management plan in place with high level of risk and may or may not need multi-agency intervention, RED – case has limited risk management plan in place and is very high risk requiring multi-agency co-ordination and intervention;

8. Managing Risk of Serious Harm

Level 1: Ordinary Management

Level 2: Active Multi-Agency Risk Management.

9. Disqualification from Working with Children

All JC Ready 4 Work Staff working with children in paid or unpaid positions whose normal duties involve caring for, training, supervising or being in sole charge of children, and positions whose normal duties involve unsupervised contact with children are DBS checked and regular up-dates are monitored on each employee and volunteers


(SPOC) Special Person of Contact and Internal Process